944.75 milestones – Celebrating with QuAC’s Gender Clinic

Last night was a wonderful milestone for Brisbane Leather Pride and its 2014 Festival, or perhaps 944.75 milestones. This marks the second year that BLP has had the opportunity to raise funds in support of the Queensland Aids Council, an organisation that has done much to support us.

Photo courtesy of STFU Media, ©2014 Pictured (left to right) Lucero, Jonathan Waters, Vandellous
Photo courtesy of STFU Media, ©2014
Pictured (left to right) Lucero, Jonathan Waters, Vandellous

We marked our Inaugural General Meeting in QuAC’s rooms, received access to workshop spaces, borrowed their mailing address during incorporation, and utilised their venue for committee meetings.

More importantly, we recognise that QuAC works tirelessly to provide essential services and support to the community, such as through Clinic30, a free service dedicated to addressing the Mental & Sexual Health of the LGBTI Community in Brisbane.

Several months ago, the BLP Committee unanimously decided that this year’s donation to QuAC would be specifically for the Gender Clinic, QuAC’s service for the sex and gender diverse (trans*) community. This is an issue very dear to us and tonight we had the opportunity to put money where are hearts are by donating $944.75 to the Gender Clinic.

Whilst trans* people are part of the LGBT health agenda, trans* individuals have poorer health outcomes and face greater discrimination than lesbian, gay and bisexual people. The reality is that issues such as shame, phobia, and privilege affect our community differently. These inequalities are ingrained but not inherent to the LGBTIQ community and serve as indicators of what work remains – until we can all stand equally proud of who we are, who we love, and how we live.


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