Agenda for BLP Inaugural General Meeting

The Formation Meeting is the first Inaugural General Meeting of the new organisation.

At this meeting the final decisions about the structure of the organisation are voted on by the new members.


* Electing the chairperson and secretary for the meeting
• Giving apologies from people unable to attend
• Reporting on the activities of the work group, including a financial report
• Proposed name of the organisation
• Adopting the constitution or rules of incorporation
• Electing office bearers to serve on the board or management committee of the new association
• Electing an auditor (as required)
• Nominating someone to complete the application for incorporation
• Address by the new President
• A vote of thanks to the members of the work group and key supporters, funders, etc
• Other business (any urgent matters can be discussed)
• Details of the next Annual General Meeting
• Close of business


Please click here to download the proposed Constitution for Brisbane Leather Pride.

Please click here to download a proxy form for voting at the Brisbane Leather Pride IGM if you are unable to attend.

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