BLP History

Brisbane Leather Pride Festival

The Festival originally started under The BootCo. Brisbane, an incorporated, not-for-profit men’s organisation.

In 2010 under the Presidency of Master Pierre Brand (although the idea had been discussed by the previous President Joshua Hart), the Festival was opened up to Gay, Lesbian and Trans events as well as combined events. BootCo. still looked after most of the events with a few run by outside groups like The Order Of VII, and a few combined events.

In 2011 the Festival was closed back to men’s only events, with events being run across Sportsmans Hotel and The Wickham Hotel.

In 2012 the Festival was once again opened up, but with BootCo. stepping away from running all of the events. Groups like Brisbane Hellfire, Krave Kink and Kn.E.A.L stepped up to be part of the festival under one banner.

2013 was another year of transition. The Festival became a grass roots community run event, driven by volunteers from across the BDSM community with support by Brisbane Hellfire, Krave Kink, Kn.E.A.L, and BootCo. Organisers realised that BLP Festival had greater potential, but that a dedicated steering committee was required.

In 2014 the steering committee moved to set up an Inaugural General Meeting, and Brisbane Leather Pride Inc, an incorporated, not-for-profit organisation was born with a Committee of 9 members.

Under the guidance of the BLP Committee, the 2014 Festival was a huge success with a Fetish Markets night, the three Fetish Fridays performance nights, and a variety of Workshops being held at local venues.



Community Not For Profit Organisation