Other Events and Groups

Your local scene

We often get e-mails asking us how to find out about the many events occurring. Here is a handy guide. There is more going on in your city than you may realise!

The Brisbane Leather Pride Festival runs during the latter half of the year, but throughout the year there are workshops, teasers and tempters to keep you excited.

Below is a handy list of events and websites in the meantime.

BLP’s Facebook Group where you can keep up to date with our latest going’s on.

Fet Life is “Facebook for kinksters”. Whether you are a dedicated kinkster living your fantasies 24 – 7 or a little curious, Fet Life is a great place to find out about events occurring near you. Log in, click Events, and click the Near Me tab. And join our BLP Fetlife Group while you are there.

BootCo. is a great resource for male-only events in Brisbane.

Here in Brisbane we are also privileged to have a number of established and regular public events, parties and munches. Each has its own unique benefits, setting and style of event, so exploring your community can be a very rewarding experience!

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