BLP 2015 Festival Workshop: Needle Play and Introduction to the Sharp Arts

Brisbane Leather Pride Festival 2015 is coming!

Date: 31 October 2015
Workshop starts at 10am sharp!…(see what I did there?)
Facilitator: well known Needle Artist and her fet family

Topics Covered:

SSC- Safe, Single Use, and Clean! (handling your play environment)
Planning your play (Negotiation, Research, and Practice)
What’s in a kit? (a starter needle pack will be provided as part of the workshop)
Anatomy of a needle
Work of Art vs Beautiful Massacre (play techniques)
Hands on Demonstration (Facilitator lead)

The Aftermath (clean up and aftercare)


For those wanting to participate in the hands-on demo, supply of a needle bottom will be at the discretion of the facilitator. Best to come with a friend to avoid disappointment.

Intermediate skill sharing will be offered during the hands-on demo for those that want to learn a new trick or three!


Light refreshments and a starter pack will be provided as part of the workshop.

Community Not For Profit Organisation